Roof Insurance Claims in Des Moines

Right Way Roofing Goes the Extra Mile Providing Roof Insurance Claim Assistance on Top of Superior Roofing Service!

Right Way Roofing is willing and able to assist you in the roof insurance claims process after you have experienced wind, rain, ice, or hail damage to your roof.  Or roofing contractors are experts at assessing roof damage honestly and effectively. We also can act as a liaison between you and your roof insurance company, to ensure you get the most out of your roof insurance benefits.

We understand the roof insurance claims process can be laborious, confusing, and stressful, which is why Right Way Roofing employs trained service writers who are well-versed and are very experienced in dealing with insurance adjusters. We work closely with your insurance company to ensure that you receive everything you are entitled to when you make a roof insurance claim.

Roof Insurance Claims Process FAQs

  1. Will filing a roofing insurance claim cost me money?
    The act of filing a roof insurance claim never costs money. The insurance company is paying for your roof’s restoration. Your only cost is your insurance deductible.
  2. Will my insurance company pay enough to get the job done?
    Yes. Sometimes the insurance company will make a mistake when they calculate the cost of a new roof for your home. In those situations, Right Way Roofing has a dedicated staff of roof insurance claim professionals to properly identify and communicate all such areas and obtain insurance approval for corrections.
  3. Do I need to get an estimate?
    Not from a roofing contractor. A contractor that is ready to give you an “estimate” on your roofing job does not understand the insurance industry. The insurance company is paying for the repairs to your home and they set the price. Therefore, the ONLY estimate that protects you from out-of-pocket expense and guarantees that the job is completely covered is one that the insurance company has written and/or approved. All contracts with a contractor should be on a “insurance proceeds” basis.
  4. What is depreciation?
    The roof insurance company determines the depreciation based on a combination of objective criteria (using a formula that takes into account the category and age of the property) and subjective assessment (the insurance adjuster’s visual observations of the property or a photograph of it).The insurance company will withhold depreciation as an incentive to get homeowners to complete the job correctly. You will be able to collect the depreciation held by the insurance company when the job is completed.
  5. Why is my mortgage company on the check?
    The mortgage company has a financial interest in your home and the roof insurance company must include them on any checks they issue you. You will need to communicate with your mortgage company to get them to endorse the check. Most of the time they will send you a packet of information explaining their endorsement policies. Right Way Roofing is ready with the proper forms and assistance to help you with this process.
  6. What is ACV?
    Actual Cash Value, also known as market value, is the standard that insurance companies prefer when reimbursing policy holders for their losses. Actual cash value is equal to the replacement cost minus any depreciation (ACV = replacement cost – depreciation) and is the initial money you receive from the insurance company.
  7. What is RCV?
    Replacement Cost Value is the cost to restore the damage to your property with materials of the same quality. RCV is the actual cash value + the depreciated value. This is the total amount to which you are entitled when the job is complete.

Contact Right Way Roofing today for more information on getting roof insurance claim assistance and avoid the headache of dealing with the insurance company on your own!